Welcome to Female Fiber Knights!

All about wool…

is what you are gonna find here! We are slightly obsessed with anything concerning knitting, crochet, spinning, yarn-dyeing and everything we discover on the way!

Our recent Posts

Enchanted Mesa Sweater

A difficult start When you find a pattern that really gets your attention cause it is constructed very differently to all the others and are intrigued but a bit intimidated, too. What do you do? My reaction to the Enchanted Mesa from Westknits was stalling and tiptoeing around all the beautiful versions I could find […]

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Design Process: Inspiration

Where do I find inspiration to design knitwear? It may depend on personal preferences, some may find it easy to decide on a design just from their “inside” world, from what’s going on in their mind. Some need more Inspiration from the “outside” world. There is no right or wrong, there is no better way, […]

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This is us!

We (ChristinaSarah and Katharina) are 3 wool-loving ladies working on our own patterns for jumpers, hats, tops, scarfs and many other things.
Curious how this started?

3 ladies means 3 different ways of approaching a new project. And because sometimes it is hard to find the one pattern to match the idea in your head we started to design our own stuff!

Here is everything we made so far – please show us your results on Instagram or Facebook!