Adventcalendar 2018 – Day 10

Christmas inspiration
Adventcalendar – Day 10

It’s day 10. Here’s your daily inspiration until Christmasday. When purchased this small Christmastree, I couldn’t find a pot that I liked, so I thought of another possibility to make it more beautiful and festive. Measured the pot it came in and took some cotton yarn, added a little stellina and knitted up this wrap for the tree.


Knitted potwrap

Christmas pot wrap

Take a closer look, I had a snowfake in mind, when doing the yarnovers. Can you tell? You could also wrap this around a glas and put a light in it.

The freaking out part

Don’t read the following, if you don’t want to get a load of me whining about first world problems! Only 14 days left till Christmas and I’m freaking out a little and putting a lot of pressure on myself, finishing all the Christmas preparations. There’s the knitting: cardigan for my mum, where I’m stuck on sleeve island and hat for my dad, which I haven’t even started yet (also wanted to knit up a little something for my sister). Besides the knitting I’m doing a photo calendar for my parents and grandparents each year (not started 2019 yet). And then there’s the blogposts that need to be written.

I know that this is all in my head and usually I’m enjoying all those things, but not this year and I don’t know why. Maybe because I started the process a little late this year. Also I’m having really high expectations of myself to get everything done – and not only getting it done, but doing it right and in the most perfect way. 

Now that that’s out of my system, I could start working on one of my unfinished projects again. Anyone else freaking out? (I’m totally fine, by the way, if I don’t finish any of that, it won’t be that big a deal, I know that!) Have a lovely time and embrace the christmasfeeling, that’s knocking on your door. (I will, if it dares knocking).

Love, Sarah 

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