Adventcalendar 2018 – Day 11

Gift tags with letters

Here is a closer look on today’s little Christmas crochet. Why not personalize your gifts with little selfmade tags? I made several in different colours and chose the first letter of the names (or how I call them, because there is one for my mum and dad!)

To crochet these in two colours you need to change colour every few stitches. How I managed to avoid the different colours popping up in between is shown further down. I hope this will help you during your process and avoids the trying bits 😉

You can use any yarn with matching hook you have left at your home, only make sure the 2 colours have roughly the same strength.

And cause I am sure not everybody will have use for the same letters as myself I made some little charts with all of them. 

To begin chain as many stitches as pictured in the chart and add one more as turning chain. Each row will end with a chain1 to turn. Then simply follow the chart while making sure on which side you are! Right side is read from right to left and wrong side from left to right.

To finsish work a round of double crochet all along the 4 sides (the corners get 2dc). For the loop for attaching to your parcel chain 12 and slip stitch back into the last corner. Fasten off and sew in all ends!

To join jour second colour you have to start with the last stitch of the first colour. 

Work a normal double crochet except the last yarn over and pull through both loops is already with the second colour.

Here you can see the two loops in colour one and the last yarn over in the second colour.

When working in one colour you crochet over the other one to avoid any loops on the back side of the colour that is not used.

You push your hook through the next stitch and make sure the yarn lies on top of it

Then yarn over as usual and pull through two loops.

The golden yarn is nicely wrapped up until it is needed again.

One more thing: right before the colour change during the double crochet, put the „old“ colour in front of your work and after that pull through with the new colour. Then start to wrap the none used yarn as described before.

I did this on both sides, except when working the last colour change of each row. At this point I always let the second colour wait on the wrong side. I didn’t take the yarn with me for the last stitch, I simply picked it up again when i arrived at the first colour change at each row.

This worked fine for me, the two sides look both nice and even. If you have any trouble understanding my description, please ask away!

Happy crocheting and packing up all your presents!

Love, Katharina