Adventcalendar 2018 – Day 12

As some of you might have noticed while reading through my posts, I (me being Christina) am not very organised or good with patterns or projects that take a lot of time. I am very good with easy fast makes or things where you are constantly reminded to do something…

So of course I have not really a clue if there are any Christmas presents missing (I will find out around Xmas) and I have not written a single card so far this year… it is on my “need to do before Xmas” list, as well as baking cookies and getting a tree.

At work we were talking about being in the Xmas mood and we are not really there yet today. At least I am trying, I am listening to Xmas songs every day (my Xmas song of the day is “let it snow”). And our little calendar helps me a lot because I keep making little things that actually end up all around our apartment.

So today something nice and easy for you:

A small Xmas tree ornament!

You just chain 4 and 1 for turning around.

Dc 4 in each row and always chain 1 for the turn. Do that for 46 rows (or about 21.5cm long (8 1/2 inches).

Start folding after 4cm (1 3/4 inches) and always get a bit smaller.

Thread a needle with a different coloured yarn and put something underneath as a trunk. While sowing in ends I fastened the two ends to the other part so that they don’t stick out. And that is all!