Adventcalendar 2018 – Day 16

Knitted Christmas Decoration
Christmas Decorations

Really wanted to make this day about tiny socks to hang on the tree, but I just couldn’t stop making more baubles! So I didn’t make any more socks than these two on the top. I cast on 24 sts for the socks, on a cotton fingering weight yarn and 2.5 mm needles (US size 2). It’s a plain vanilla sock and I did a short-row heel. On the striped one, I tried a new to me technique: helix knitting and I think that’s a fantastic technique! It prevents the (not so beautiful) “stripe” when changing colors (what is that called correctly?). So I really liked that and will keep using it, when knitting in stripes (haven’t done that very often yet), and it also comes in very, very handy, when you need to alternate skeins, because you’re using handdyed yarns.

Soooo…. lets get to the baubles again. (I know, I’m obsessed!).

Knitted baubles

I made some more, each with a different kind of yarn and needle size, using that same pattern – wich you can find on Day 13 – and it went great! No adjusting needed, you get so many different sizes of baubles, with just the one pattern. I was a little amazed with myself. The light blue one is rather big (bulky yarn, 8 mm needle – US size 11), so I decided to stitch on some little stars to give it the final touch.

Have a lovely time! Hope you get to spend a lot of time knitting (or crocheting, or crafting in general!)

Love, Sarah

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