What happens, when you try to take pictures for the new homepage…  

Heya, Christina here…

Maybe I am not professional enough, but at the moment I am kind of in charge of creating this homepage – and it is a first… So there I am at home trying my best at taking some nice pictures and – of course – not taking into consideration that there is a 1 1/2-year-old fireman currently running wild in my living room. So he set his sights on my (formerly) perfectly fine wool, nicely stacked next to my bullet journal.

Not so anymore as you can see. I have some work cut out for me untangling the heap he left for me. 🙂 Thankfully he at least likes it and wants to play with it. (Just means for me that I have to hide it better next time – or not take any pictures during daytime… except maybe for naptime).

Anyone who can relate? I always see pictures of well-behaving kids around wool and cats that just sit next to you while knitting (really? Are there cats like that?). Not here. I can very well crochet in the evenings when my kids are asleep otherwise… 😉

Hope you can enjoy some decent hooky-time!


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