The stash…

Heya yarn lovers, Christina here!

If you are a tiny bit like me or the girls (and I bet you are), you either have a stash of wooly goodness hidden away somewhere or you even put them on display…

I am rather the hide-it-away-so-the-kids-don’t-play-with-it person. Otherwise (as before mentioned) I will just end up sitting in a dark corner crying because I will never ever be able to untangle the yarn my 1 1/2 year old got a hold of.

So I have a perfect little place to hide a lot of wool (you never know how much fits inside until you empty it) and a bit more here and there… 😂

Yes, you may look inside 😁edf

Who would have guessed? img_20180510_161815.jpg

I don’t know why, but so far nobody touched this – yet!



Katharina just started to put her yarn in open shelving to display them better (and found out that she has room to spare… 😂). Her wee one isn’t big enough yet to reach… This might not look much but really she actually finishes stuff in between… 😁

Do you see the boxes? These are from. Little box of crochet 😍 if you don’t know them yet, head over there for a peak, lovely, just lovely!


And Sarah hides hers away as well. She just reorganized her cupboard and I am a bit envious. I still think she has a bit here and more there and a lot more somewhere else. (As she is a very fast knitter of jumpers and cardigans, I think she needs the biggest stash of  three of us and I think she’s got it as well…)


Look at that 😍😍😍IMG-20180510-WA0008

So, what does your stash look like?

#stash #elbehoch3 #yarn

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