Oh wait, what did I want to crochet again?

Hello out there, this is me, Christina!

Just so you get to know us a bit better all three will write about who we are and why we do things with yarn 🙃

So why on earth did I start crocheting? I learned it in school, when I was about 9 years old and it was alright. My Gran has always been busy with her hands (sometimes even now and she is 92!), crocheting, knitting and embroidering things. I loved watching her and during my time at the University I was fed up with reading (I studied languages, so there was a LOT of reading involved) and wanted to create something with my hands.

My Gran made this and I still use it around Xmas here at home.

There you go. That was it, I never stopped.

Hats, that is my obsession, because I wear them a lot and they are just that easily made. I don’t know how many I made, but I never have one matching my clothes, so not enough. 😁

I tend to start new things a lot, get distracted or sidetracked. I think this is easier for me as I don’t really do jumpers or other huge projects (I tend not to finish those, or it takes years and years).

The thing I made that I am most proud of is the moorland blanket (pattern from attic24), which I really love. It not only has a special place in my heart but also on our couch. The kids love it, too.


Yes, kids 😁 I got two of the wee ones, 4 an 1 1/2, they are a handful and I love them to bits. It is harder for me to find some peace and quiet for knitting (yes, I knit, too more or less successfully) and crocheting when they are awake, so I have to use the time when they sleep very wisely.

Last thing for today (before I get sidetracked again): I absolutely dislike patterns. Mostly I just end up doing my own thing anyways because I don’t understand them or counted wrong, or missed one line… There are very little things where I actually enjoyed the pattern and finished it completely. Bad me, very bad.

How are your experiences so far? Addicted? Do you have a favorite thing to do? And do you enjoy patterns???

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