Crocheting and sustainability and the environment

I do have a tendency to talk a lot about what I do and what I can do for our environment , because I feel that it is very important and so easy to do a little part.

I dislike people who talk like they know everything and make everyone else feel bad because they live their life differently. However you live your life it may be perfect for yourself, so don’t let anyone make you feel bad for your choices!

My choice is to reduce stuff. Clothes, books, CDs, DVDs and so on. I don’t need them so I don’t buy them or collect them anymore. (sorry, I still wear clothes, of course, but I have 8 shirts instead of 80)

For me that was a process (and still is) which makes me happy (the only thing I still have a lot of is yarn) 😊 but it did not end there. I read a lot about zero waste and people who live like that. I am not zero waste but I reduced a lot of things I realized that I don’t need.

Easiest example is my bathroom routine. I use soap. Mostly unwrapped but if it is, it’s a lot less waste than the body wash I used before. My skin is healthier now than ever before… I don’t use any moisturizer instead it is shea butter or coconut oil. I make my own toothpaste from coconut oil and bicarbonate, I also make my own deodorant. So why not make my own wipes as well?

Easy peasy 😁 here you see my razor, my deodorant, the soap I use at the moment and some wipes I made from scrap.

And they work perfectly fine! I do have different ones, because I tried some different ways to make them. I actually like the round ones best.

And yes, you get to see a picture of me using them 😂 lucky you… 🤣🤣

I don’t think you need to change your life in a heartbeat, but it sure does feel good to start with little things, that feel easy and maybe change more along the way.

So, how is your bathroom routine?

Have a good one, Christina

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