Crafting makes me happy 😁

Hi to all you out there! Today i am gonna tell you a bit more about myself and how i found my way to knitting/crocheting.


I am born in the wonderful Hamburg in Germany and though I love to travel and see different countries this will always be my beloved home!


Next to my wool love I have also various other interests like baking, archery, reading, playing the piano and good food – just to name a few 😉

After my daughter was born last july it is getting more challenging to find the time for all these hobbies (if a piano could look reproachful, I am sure mine would…) but that is fine to me cause I still get those me-time islands I can spend like I want (mostly reserved for knitting/crocheting of course) and have this little sunshine in my life!

My pregnancy was the time I started knitting/crocheting excessively (before that I only knitted now and then) And I really mean that: I could sit on the couch with my wool, a nice series on tv and sit there for HOURS. I made a mobilé, blanket, baby shoes and hats during that time. (And of course my crochet subscribtion, more of that later.) After that I didn’t stop, cause it helps me to relax. And it also makes me a bit proud to have these beautiful things – made by myself!




DSC_0346 (2018-07-27T11_57_01.000)

Let me tell and show you my first attempt of creating something from wool when I was very little: I got a “Strickliesel”! This cute little thing helped me create my first wool project and I think even back than I had the habit of having moret than one thing to do at the same time, cause it is still unsfinished…

Later I remember my grandmother showing me how to knit and from what I can recall there were a lot lost stichtes and wobbly creations pretending to be scarfs 😂

My mum has been more the embroidery type so I tried this too, but to be honest I don´t like it that much anymore cause you have to stay so focused all the time and I love watching tv or talking while crafting. So knitting and crocheting it is!

One last thing: Sarah and Christina inspired me to make my own patterns rather than search everywhere for something that fitted the thougth in my head. And who would have guessed this works so well? Below are a few of my first attempts for you and some pitures of cakes and other stuff.

But now: Enough of me, how did you find your way to wool?

Lots of Love,


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