About new ideas and acid-dyed yarn

Hi there, this is me, Sarah!

When a new idea evolves in my head, I’m all like:”go go go let’s do it!” The sooner the better. Cause if I think about it too much or it takes too much time from idea to doing, I might loose interest and never do it at all.

So when I wanted to start acid dyeing yarn, there really was this crucial point of doing it and not doing it any time soon. Why was that? It’s as simple as that: I had to order stuff to get that going! 

By the way: it’s a totally different story, when other people are involved! Other people’s involvement gives my ideas a huge push, because I’m committed to really get things done! And it doesn’t matter that much, how the commitment looks like: whether we do things together or me just telling people what I’m going to do. (Doesn’t work every time, I have to admit, but quite often that’s the way how I outsmart myself)

Did I order that stuff? Sure I did! When everything arrived – and let’s face it, in this modern world of ours that took only a few days – there was still waaay too much excitement about it, to not giving yarndyeing a try!

 I’m glad that I did, for I enjoyed the whole process: from colorway-thinking to knitting it up.

acid-dyed yarn

With this colorway I didn’t have any high expectations. It was
more of a using up the leftover dye than doing everything on purpose.Sarah wearing her knitted hat

Knitting it up really surprised me: I liked it more than I thought I would! Take a look! That Beanie turned out pretty

There is one downside though: my yarnloaded closet has even more yarn to carry! And I still haven’t figured out how I could keep dyeing yarn to get more experience and not get yarn overloaded! I guess I have to knit up a lot of my stash first. 

many colorful 50g skeins of yarn

These are all 50g skeins and they do not fit that well together.
I really need your help here: 

What would you make out of a single 50g skein? 

Would you like to read more about the acid dyeing process? Or would you even prefer a podcast about that? (and by that I mean a YouTube vlog, I’m not yet familiar with all the right terms)

Loads of love, Sarah ❤️

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