Who wins tonight: the book or the crochet hook?

Yes this is Shakespeare so it looks better, but I actually read not only this play but many others.

Hello everyone!

I am the worst at just doing one thing. Maybe it is because my mind wanders to easily and I get distracted too much or because I always felt like I needed to get more out of my time during the day, I cannot say. The only thing where I am not getting distracted very easily is reading. I love books and I love to read (sometimes even more than crocheting…). So for me it is a reoccurring battle of who wins tonight: the book or the crochet hook?

I have to admit, that very often it is not the hook that wins but the book. At the moment for example I am reading (because the books are sadly not out as an audiobook). This way I haven’t gotten anything done so far… Because I am not able to read an crochet at the same time (no way I could knit and read!) I very often switch to audiobooks instead. This way I can do both. 🙂

I studied languages at the university and had to read a lot (don’t get me wrong, I still read about 150-250 books a year) but I had to unwind somehow and find some nice pulp fiction books to fill in between the classics. That is how I started to listen to audio books. It didn’t go well at all. I fell asleep every time, missed whole chapters and as I was listening to them mostly on the train to the university, I more than once forgot to get off the train… So I started to knit scarves or crochet hats on the train while listening to audio books and it worked. I could unwind, still enjoy my books and start some new addiction.

Do you want to know my all time favourites so far? (If this is an AD, I certainly did not get paid for it…)

Patrick Rothfuss’ Wise Man’s Fear (read by Rupert Degas)

Anne Bishop’s Written In Red (read by Alexandra Harris) and the following books of that series

I tend not to watch too much TV, because I miss most of it, I actually need to watch what I am doing not the screen. And I actually can have company and a good conversation – but just with easy patterns, otherwise I have to undo everything afterwards 😉

So, who will win tonight? I am honest, it is the book, but just because I am nearly finished and so I will have some time for hooking tomorrow – maybe…

What are you doing while crocheting/knitting? Can you concentrate on just that or do you need distractions?

Have a good one,


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