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Katharina and New Year’s resolutions

Christina is slowing down

Sarah made plans

What elbehoch3 is supposed to be

Katharina and New Year’s resolutions

New year comes with New Years resolutions to most of the people. And it seems quite a good time to think about yourself and what you achieved the past year and what to plan for the next. 

Personally I made the experience that resolutions I took at New Years often did not work out for me, I suppose I need an impulse from the inside to have a look at my goals.

So instead of feeling the need to set my goals at New Years I started to think about them when it felt necessary to me, whatever time of year it may be.

And guess what happend this year? Yes, I had that feeling right before the end of 2018. So this year I am going all in with my New Year’s resolutions!

In the last couple of month there where quite a few changes for me. My little girl started in daycare (and she really loves it!) and I started to use the free time to do the left over things from our move a year ago, but also to knit/crochet more.

I do love those quiet moments when I can get lost in a project and more ideas are popping up in my mind.

I also began looking for a new job. And although I am looking forward to do something different again than staying at home it is a bit unnerving from time to time. Do you remember how time consuming it is to look through job offers? I totally forgot 😅

And finally there is this blog! It is such a wonderful and precious thing for me to work on and I am so much looking forward to where we will go with it. (More about that below!)

Why am I telling you all this?

While all of those things above are good and I wouldn’t miss one single thing I got lost in my organisation and I started to feel stressed although there really was no need. Do you know that feeling?

So I decided that I will stop to be so impatient with me. And I wouldn’t be me – loving to write everything down in “to do lists” – (getting things out of my head helps me calm and approach them with an open mind) to have made up some ways to achieve this:

  • My Bullet Journal I started last year and kept going. It helped my a lot to keep track of my things I had/wanted to do and I definitly will keep that up. The way it changed and improved throughout the year is so satisfying.
  • Finish knitting/crochet projects. I counted 8 WIP’s! I really wanna see some done and so my goal is to have a maximum of 3 at the same time. Ideas for new projects will be written down and only cast on when finished something before. (This will be hard for me…)
  • Take time for myself and my family.
  • Accepting that I can’t control everything. This one is especially for my job search 😉

I am confident to stay with my resolutions this year and who knows – maybe I will stick with it! No pressure here😉

Until then I am really looking forward to the next year with all its parts of planning, working, relaxing and – mostly – enjoying every minute!

Christina is slowing down

Stop – take a step back – relax. That is the main focus I am setting for this year.
For years my only new years resolution was “not to start smoking” which is easily achieved because I never started and never will.
This year I actually didn’t think of one at all, at least not that I knew of (suprise: my subconsciousness did).

I am very bad with the amount of work I take home with me in my head. It is not like I can actually work from home but my head mostly doesn’t stop thinking of and over thinking work things. I work part-time since I came back from maternity leave and still try to get the work done of a full-time job. This will make me not only unhappy but ill and I know it (been there, done that).

So, what did my subconsciousness do? It had me buying a new calendar for the next year. I loved my bullet journal but I don’t really have the time or energy to actually make it as pretty as I want to, so it is not much more than a calendar/notebook anyway.
I found a very cool calendar online which is called “ein guter Plan” (a good plan – this might be an ad but as you cannot buy any anymore this year and as I bought it myself and do not know yet if I like it, you can surely ignore that 😉). This calendar is more than just your weekly sheets and monthly overviews. You work with it on actually taking care of yourself (drink enough? Sleep enough? What are you grateful for? What are your goals? How was the last month? …) and I think that is very important and worth taking time for. Time for me and time for my family as well.

To actually work on my well-being, I will try to eat healthy, sleep enough, spend time with friends and family, do some yoga and have some great me-time.

So where does that leave elbehoch3?
For me this is me-time. It is a well of strength that keeps me going. Taking time to write here, having a blast with the girls, crocheting/knitting something new, actually finishing things. I need that to keep my mind healthy, to become a more relaxed person. Being more relaxed not only makes me a better mom and wife but also better at my job. So:
Keep calm and crochet on! 

What do I really want to see through this year? I bought wonderful yarn last summer for a jumper – and stopped after round 2. I never made something that big, it is very intimidating for me to actually start, I found out. So I will try to start this new journey for me and hopefully will have the jumper ready by the end of summer.

And that is all. For me that is a lot and I hope I can work with my new calendar and finish this big project (I know for some of you this would be laughably easy – Sarah knits so many jumpers I cannot believe it), keep myself healthy while doing that.
And not forget to have fun while doing all of that.

Sarah made plans

The beginning of a new year always makes me think about what I want to change or what to achieve during the new year. What I do forget is to honor the year that passed by.

Recognizeing the things I already achieved in a mindful way is not something that comes easy to me.

Because through out the year all that happens seems to just fly by really fast. So this year I want to practice mindfulness a little more. When achieving a goal I want to recognize it with open eyes and a warm feeling in my heart! 

But what are these goals? Less is more. I think. Otherwise I might loose focus. 

I already set 5 knitting goals, or rather: 5 things I’d like to explore. It would also be ok, if I changed my mind – this is important to make that clear to myself, to not feel bad and as a total looser if I indeed do change my mind. 

The 5 things are: 

  1. Finishing the Pi shawl before Pi day (without pressure! And as long as I enjoy it)
  2. Socks for myself! I’ve knit socks before, but they didn’t fit and I gave them away. I want to find THE go to pattern for me.
  3. Learning Brioche knitting, probably on a hat or a scarf. 
  4. Practice some color work. Maybe on some Baby sweater.
  5. Working a sweater pattern that someone else wrote (because I never tried). I’m thinking about a seamed sweater (although the thought of sewing things together freaks me out) or a sweater with short-row shaped shoulders. (really want to try!) 

Especially since I cast on the Pi shawl and saw the greens and pinks come to life with that hint of teal. So many possibilities! (I’d love – love – love a sweater in that color combo!) And there are so many ideas in my head for whole collections of dyed yarn! 

Last but not least, it’s the blog and elbehoch3 in general, that I’d like to see growing. And in that context I really want to explore Ravelry! (Now that I announced that, I have to do it – tricking myself)

In a nutshell: my 2019 will be about mindfulness, knitting adventures, dyeing experiments and of course going further with elbehoch3! 

Now that I’m reading through my goals again, I have to calm myself. Just like Christina: I have to just breathe! When I’m writing down a to-do list about things I’m excited about, I want to start doing everything at once. Like NOW! And that is kind of a strange thing to happen, because I guess to-do lists are supposed to take that feeling away to enable you to take one step at a time. I have to actively tell myself that I don’t have to finish everything in january, I have a whole year. 

A whole year of doing things I love! What a wonderful year 2019 is!

What elbehoch3 is supposed to be

We started setting goals each month for elbehoch3 in 2018 and that helped a lot keeping track and paying attention to what we achieved. Also what we want to achieve and where we want elbehoch3 to be going. We want it to be a community of inspiration, to bring new things to you – may they be of the knitting, the crochet or the dyeing kind. We are working our way to bring more patterns to you. Ideas there are in plenty!

Beauty is in the imperfection!

And so we will we share our „every day chaos“ or things we struggle with, too. Our goal is having fun at what we do and not only showing our best work!

There is as well the environmental thought we are exploring: to be a little more sustainable in our every day lives. Showing possibilities to live life a tiny bit more sustainable, without being on a mission. Just because we try to do it, doesn’t mean you have to do the same, but you may give it a thought.

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