One year of elbehoch3 – Surprise inside!

It’s our one year of elbehoch3 celebration day today!

We thought to give you a short recap of what happened the last year.

Deciding on “elbehoch3”

When we decided to finally do this – write a blog and have an instagram account for the three of us, the most difficult thing was probably the decision on which name represented us best. 

Many many names came up during the brainstorming and most were already taken. We wanted something to connect us to the city we all live in. So that’s where the “Elbe” part comes from: it’s the main river that runs through Hamburg (Germany). And we are 3 ladies, that’s why we added the number “3”. Now comes the hard part: the word “hoch” is german and in this context it means, that the 3 is written as a superscript. Our logo is therefore just an “elbe” with a three in a heart above. 

Making Plans and being more organized

Setting goals and having a little organisation tool helped us a lot to keep our Instagram going. For example: we are using Trello to remember ideas and we have a posting schedule for Instagram.  

What can we offer to the making community? 

It’s a part of the creating a brand thing, that was and still is a huge topic among us. We share the love for making things with yarn – crochet or knit. But so are many others!

We thought our uniqueness could be the variety of colors we use and the style each one of us has, but we are rethinking everything, because it is a goal to become a real brand. And what’s a brand without many people enjoying and loving it? We are struggling from time to time and there are many issues that keep us from moving forward. We also know, that we can overcome those, with a little more time than we thought it would take us. 

Eventually, the constant rethinking and learning through trial and error will get us to the goal!

Business or no business? 

Starting a business is a scary and at the same time really exciting idea! Elbehoch3 is not a business yet, but during the one year of it’s existence we thought and talked about it occasionally. 

If you like, follow our journey and learn how we do it, while we are doing it! 

Free Crochet-Pattern Surprise!

Every picture you see above represents a favorite flower from each of us. 

Christina’s favorite is the daisy.

Katharina’s favorite is the orchid.

Sarah’s favorite is the magnolia.

We hope you’ll enjoy our little one year of elbehoch3 surprise! 

We’d love to see your flowers, feel free to tag @elbehoch3 on instagram or send us a picture via email! 

What’s your favorite flower?

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