Learning new things – Spinning

Spinning my own yarn – nothing I had on my learning list very high to be honest. But when Christina unexpectedly found an old spinnig wheel on a fleamarket the possibility was suddenly there.

And because I got a voucher from the girls for my birthday (thank you again!) to an online wool shop which sells dyed skeins ready for spinning I couldn´t stop myself to start this new learning experience.

Here you can see the colours I chose out of many differnt options. For some reason I am always finding my way back to this greenish blue mix. This time I tried to get a bit of different shades into my typical colour choice – so happy with it!

Where to start now? I began searching online for videos and pages with beginners instructions for spinning – and found quite a lot! Next to spinning wheels are a lot of hand spindle tips, but I dismissed those quickly cause this way seems to take more time and I had a spinning wheel waiting a Christinas for me. 😉

So we set a learning date to try the spinning wheel for together – after all it is hers and she should be present when testing this for the first time.

At first we had to find out how the spinning wheel works, neither of us had ever used one before. Even to get the wheel into a regular motion wasn’t as easy as we thought. But after a bit of trying we decided to try with wool, at first some leftover one and then with toy stuffing (it didn’t want to try the first time with the beautiful skeins and possibly ruining them).

As you can see we hadn’t had the ideal conditions with three kids playing around us and getting all curious about what we were doing. Finally we decided to quit for today and I would take the spinning wheel with me to try again tomorrow.

In the evening I had a bit help from my hubby. He likes looking up things a lot and found some information about this particular type of spinning. wheel. I had no clue that there were so many different ones!

As it turned out this was a wheel with a double drive and we assembled it wrong – that might be one reason for the difficulties we had.

Next morning after taking my little girl to the daycare I practiced again with the drive band in its right place. After a (long) while the result was getting better and I tried with wool.

This is the first short piece I made using merino wool. But I decided to practice a bit more with the stuffing before really getting on with it – hopefully it would be easier and the result more even.

I also watched more videos about preparing the wool (it is much easier with thinner parts you already stretched a bit more) and slowly felt more confident.

Here you can see my results of the next couple of days – there is something really addictive to spinning once you get the hang of it! I loved watching the spin yarn grow and how the colours changed while working!

The pictures above show the different stages. Skein, after spinning and after twisting two threads together. Isn’t it crazy how the colours evolve?

I would love to know if you have some experience with spinning and what you did/are planning with your wool!

I will tell you about my project next time!

Love, Katharina

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