Starflake MKAL Westknits 2019

[Ad because naming pattern and designer – unpaid!]

„Finally the right timing!“ was my exact thought when I looked at the picture of the 10th MKAL hosted by Westknits. I have been wanting to take part in some kind of KAL/CAL for a while now but either I had enough WIPs on the needles or the project wasn’t quite to my liking.

But this was just perfect because

  • all three of us like the Designs of Westknits a lot (and – speaking for myself – I never really found the courage to make one of these colourful projects, even though I have had eyes on the „Enchanted Mesa“ in particular for a while now)
  • It‘s not a regular KAL, it‘s a Mystery KAL! For me this means even more fun and excitement for the final result!

So I asked the Girls what to do and they were all „Go for it! I wanna see it too!“

Now the decission was made I had to stay patient until the first little hint will be released – the amount and variety of colours needed! 

My goal was to knit with yarn from my stash (I really have to use what I have before I buy more – anybody else knows that?) and I kind of succeded… Obviously I didn’t had enough yarn in the correct size or colour, so I had to fall back on my non-dyed wool I bought for a different project. But what the heck – I wanna do that one! (And I can always buy more wool to dye up later…)

This was the first attempt of dyeing with the acid dyes my husband got me for my Birthday back in April. At first I needed to decide which two colours to use – here is a picture of the possible combinations I came up with:

Next step was the actual dyeing part – I was a bit (lot) excited! And managed to use the instructions for the wrong colours – resulting in a VERY rich and deep colour. Luckily exactly what a Westknits project is looking for!

And again waiting time, waiting for the first pattern part to be released! But my curiosity was satisfied with scrolling through all the beautiful colour combinations so many shared on ravelry. Eventually I had to stop before I started to doubt the decision on my colours 🙂

Once the 4th of October was there I always immediately had to cast on and begin my first ever MKAL!

I must admit I was very happy for the videos that Westknits made accompanying to the written instructions – that made it a lot easier for me to start. After two repeats I could go on without them, finishing the star shape only after two days! 

And I managed to finish the second section within the first week – Yay! I was so happy and excited for the next part!

I developed a new routine in the evenings where I took my time looking at all the cast ons in the ravelry group and couldn’t get enough of all the different combinations. It is so amazing how different the projects look only because of different colours!

Next morning I downloaded the pattern and nearly flipped – Brioche! I only did Brioche once before for my little girl and had it written on my to do list for myself.

The start was fine: Sticht count correct and I find Brioche knitting very relaxing. Sadly a bit too relaxing because after roughly half way through I realized I forgot some increases which I couldn’t work in after. That meant frogging. Frogging Brioche – oh my… Long story short it took my nearly 3 hours to pick up the stitches and get them all the right way again.

Now I payed more attention during again all the way to the end of this part. Obviously I didn’t finish in time that week – but only a bit: Started part three on Saturday!

Now very eager to get on track again, so I could start the last and fourth part in time (I tend to get a bit carried away and impatient when I want something).

But first part three: There were several little design parts which were done fast. I love how they were done very differently by everyone depending on the colour choice. That way every Starflake is so unique!

And then the long rows started – I love the look, but one row took ages to finish 😉 But I was done a day early before the last release!

The edge were long rows again. This is the only part were I vary the pattern and added some stripes in the contrast colour before starting the two colour Icord bind-off.

Bind-off was done on 30th October and I put the finished shawl on the blocking mat on 31th – done in time – I still can’t believe I finished such a huge project in only four weeks! I am a bit proud I have to say!

And all the other finished ones! So many amazing colours, from very subtle to crazy multicolored has its own amazing beauty!

Only one thing is missing now: I have to take some nice pictures to show you the result properly. But until then I am wearing my Starflake mostly in the evenings to keep my shoulders warm while working on my next projects – it is just perfect!

So my conclusion to a KAL? I will definitely to it again, most likely a mystery one again cause I like that part a lot. Maybe you will join me then?



I nearly forgot: I think I have to knit my own „Enchanted Mesa“ now!

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