Adventcalendar 2018 – Day 22

Giftwrapping inspiration
Adventcalendar 2018 – Day 22

Thank you for checking out day 22! It’s all about the art of gifts and wrapping those up today!

The thing about gifts

Big and wide smiles on the faces of my dear ones, when handing over a beautifully wrapped gift, makes me smile even bigger in return. I love giving presents, even a bit more than receiving one. There’s just nothing better to me than a perfectly happy face of someone I love dearly. 

That moment, when your gift is being unwrapped and the receiver looks at it and loves it. So good! 

There is this kind of art to me: giving gifts is a creative process and for creativity I need a mind that is allowed to wander. If there’s a schedule to it, I’m usually not good at all in choosing a gift that really fits the person. When there’s time to think about it or in moments I’m not even looking for a gift for someone, then I’m more sure about getting the perfect fit. Also, one of the best ways of gift giving, I think, is, when there is no reason. When it’s not the person’s birthday, not an anniversery, not christmas… just a time in between, when it’s not expected and a total surprise. 

Now it’s christmas time, which is also a lovely time to give love and gifts away. And I don’t mean things that cost a lot of money, for me, it’s often the small things that matter more at christmas. Having time to dine with my family is precious to me. Nonetheless there is a little something I got or made for each of them.

Have you already wrapped up all your gifts? If not and you need some inspiration, please read on and let me inspire you! 

I find real joy in wrapping up gifts, it’s so pleasing to the eye when you’re done. 

And this is one way I do it: I choose a nice paperwrap, some ribbon, one or two matching christmas ornaments and a label to write the name on. I wish there was a way though, for wrapping everything up as christmas baubles ūüėČ (please go back to day 13 and day 16 to find out more about my shape obsession)

And some other inspiration with some monochromatic giftwrap, label to write the name on and one or two fitting christmas ornaments (maybe knit or crochet ones). (Also check out day 11, Katharina had a lovely idea of labeling her gifts)

Some more inspiration:

Have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas, with loads of love and gifts you enjoy! 

Thank you for reading! 

Love, Sarah 

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