Adventcalendar 2018 – Day 24

Christmas eve

Today is all about being with your loved ones and having a wonderful time together.

And since giving gifts is a nice way of saying „I like you!“ we wanted to give you the chance to get something of us. So we are giving away some self-dyed yarn to feature a new little project of yours!

To participate and learn all about taking part please head over to our Instagram profile! (Note: this give away ends on 31th of December – be quick!)

Here you can take a look at the yarn-prizes:

Handdyed sockyarm
 1 Skein of handdyed superwash sockyarn: 75% wool, 25% polyamide, 100g approx . 410m (448 yds)


Handdyed yarn
1 Skein of handdyed superwash extra fine Merino wool: 100% wool, 50g approx. 175m ( 191 yds)

Both skeins are handdyed by @elbehoch3

good luck!

Our trees

The one with crochet ornaments

A little something about my Christmas tree decoration. I got the adventcalendar from „little box of crochet“ this year and really had all intentions to do one piece every day. But of course there were loads of things and dates and I didn’t.

Nevertheless I made a couple and love every one of them ❤️ Can you spot them in the picture?

I think the tree will have to stay a bit longer, so i can crochet on and make it look even nicer!

Have wonderful holidays and a very lovely time!

Love from Katharina

Kids safe Xmas

This year I needed to have everything kind of child proved. That doesn’t mean that we left out the tree or anything but that our candles are all away from tiny fingers… My wee one just turned 2 and he is a force to himself: running wild most of the time. Our tree was decorated by my little miss (who is 5 now) and myself while the wee one tried to undo everything we made 😊 he loved the baubles and stars so much.
There actually isn’t much on there that was made by myself, because these things are on display somewhere else in the flat.

On my little light-glass for example. This moved I side of the kids room yesterday as the little miss needed a nightlight all of a sudden. Nice one I think even if I say so myself.
Or on my hanging knitting needles… 😉
And here are the child prove (because they sit on a shelf about 1.60m high) candles. I nearly set the plant next to it on fire while lighting the 4th candle yesterday though, maybe I have to make it Christina-proofed next year 😂🕯️I hope you enjoy your Christmas time!

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