Trying to teach a mountain to move…

Crocheting is such a part of my life that my daughter also is keenly interested in it. So yeah, I try my best to keep her hooked – but no such luck so far.

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Oh wait, what did I want to crochet again?

Hello out there, this is me, Christina!

Just so you get to know us a bit better all three will write about who we are and why we do things with yarn 🙃

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What happens, when you try to take pictures for the new homepage…  

Heya, Christina here…

Maybe I am not professional enough, but at the moment I am kind of in charge of creating this homepage – and it is a first… So there I am at home trying my best at taking some nice pictures and – of course – not taking into consideration that there is a 1 1/2-year-old fireman currently running wild in my living room. Read More