First time yarn dyeing – ooohh exicting!

Today I am telling you about our first time of yarn dyeing. We read so much about dyeing and cause we love love love some beautiful yarn – why not try ourselves?

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About new ideas and acid-dyed yarn

Hi there, this is me, Sarah!

When a new idea evolves in my head, I’m all like:”go go go let’s do it!” The sooner the better. Cause if I think about it too much or it takes too much time from idea to doing, I might loose interest and never do it at all. Read More

Wool Delivery – Yay!

Hi there, this is Katharina with a quick update on my stash – getting new wool is wonderful! Read More

What happens, when you try to take pictures for the new homepage…  

Heya, Christina here…

Maybe I am not professional enough, but at the moment I am kind of in charge of creating this homepage – and it is a first… So there I am at home trying my best at taking some nice pictures and – of course – not taking into consideration that there is a 1 1/2-year-old fireman currently running wild in my living room. Read More