Hello all you wool crazy people out there!

Thanks for joining us!

This is just a short introduction of the three people behind elbehoch3 – 5 random facts each!



1. I have a small obsession with earrings (next to the wool one ūüėČ) and almost never leave home without them.

2. We (my husband, my little baby girl and I) recently moved into our new home – with a small garden! I am totally excited what it will look like once it is done.

3. I love GOOD coffee.

4. I might have passed on the love for wool to my daughter… ūüėā

5. Traveling to quiet and beautiful places is something I really enjoy. A special place in my heart is filled with memories of the Scottish highlands.




1. When drinking coffee at home, my mug always stays half full. I almost never drink up. (no special reason.)

2. I started serious knitting last summer, when HE asked me for a knitted sweater. He got it and I never stopped knitting.

3. I can be very enthusiastic about an idea and still never persue it.

4. I am not very patient, although most people think that I am.

5. I am a vegetarian :).




1. I love non-matching socks a lot (more than a lot).

2. I started to crochet because I read too much (hats, I love hats!).

3. I do Yoga mostly because of my back (hated the idea of doing Yoga about 3 years ago).

4. Dream of living in a tiny house (with my hubby and two kids).

5. Read an average of 200 books a year (still)


So that is us in a nutshell! How about you lovely crazy people? Who else it out there?

Have a good one!

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